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Puy du Fou

During your stay at Camping La Pinède*** in Vendée, treat yourself to a fabulous journey back in time at the Grand Parc Cinescénique du Puy du Fou.

puy du fou show

After receiving the world’s first “Thea Classic Award ” for the best park in the world in 2012 , in 2014 the Puy du Fou won the highest distinction for amusement parks , the “Applause Award“.

Le Puy du Fou offers dozens of historical shows, from Vikings to knights to Richelieu’s musketeers, set in a vast array of villages. At nightfall, visitors are treated to a unique spectacle: the Cinescénie. On a giant 23-hectare stage, over 3,000 volunteers will bring to life the history of a Vendée family through the ages.

Let yourself be lulled by exceptional shows These include the Sign of Triumph, Vikings, Ghost Birds Ball, Secret of the Lance, Knights of the Round Table, Richelieu’s Musketeer, Orgues de Feu and many more, as well as visits to historic sites: Cité Médiévale, Village XVIII, Bourg 1900, Renaissance Château… We strongly recommend that you dine in one of the 19 restaurants, some of them themed, where the waiters are dressed in the period costume of the place where you are in the Park.

New original creation 2019: The First Kingdom
In the 5th century, in the midst of the fall of the Roman Empire just ravaged by the hordes of Attila, accompany Clovis, the famous Frankish king. As he conquers, discover the doubts of this great strategist torn between the ancestral traditions of his people and the new path he might choose to found the first kingdom. The whole family will be delighted and will have an unforgettable time in a magical place that’s hard to leave.

Pack comfortable shoes, hats, caps and sunglasses and let yourself be carried away by the magic of the place. Dazzle guaranteed!

If you don’t want to miss out, make sure you reserve your seats before you leave on vacation. You can choose between the Grand Parc du Puy du Fou and/or the Cinéscénie. Please note, however, that the Cinéscénie only takes place on Fridays and Saturdays, so reservations are essential.

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